Candida Kandinskij @Lakehouse Finest

Candida Kandinskij @Lakehouse Finest
Donnerstag | 22. März 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

Giovanni De Benedetto is the founder of the multimedia project Candida Kandinskij.
He works with music, photography and visual art and his research regards the impact that his works have to
the audience. His projects have not a single point of view, the listener/observer is an active part of the
creative process and the creator needs him/her to complete the work of art.
During the last two years Giovanni started to Djing in some events among Italy and Germany presenting a
mix of sounds that broads from the electronica to the down tempo and witch house in order to experiment
and push the boundaries of his former style which is the industrial (rock & techno).
Main multimedia projects:
Under Epiderma (2010) photos, video-art, music
PREMATURE (2014 – still on working progress ) photos, video-art, full length album
FIX – The Face Is A Coded Canvas (2015) video-art, electronic live performance
DOGSIC – An Interspecies Performance (2017) self-built audio/video system, dogs

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