Which Way To The Stars?

Which Way To The Stars?
Freitag | 21. September 2018 | 20:00 Uhr




With one foot in Berlin fuelling her creativity and influencing her in the way only Berlin can, and the other firmly in Ibiza, her second home, exposing her to some of the best clubs in Europe – Karina is one to watch out for.10 years living and working on the famous mediterranean island of Ibiza has seen her involved with some of the biggest promoters in the music industry such as Cocoon Ibiza, Cream and Monza. These huge influences along with her international upbringing in Norway, Egypt and Poland and her creative multilingual mindset all shine brightly through her music.

Dj and host of Which way to the Stars?
A monthly event in Berlin since November 2013. Boogie has worked with a host of talent within the Disco and Electronic music scene.He has also released music on several acclaimed labels including Enzino’s Records,Midnight Riot and Kolour Recordings.As a Dj Boogiemann has been very active over the last few years, From playing Berlin clubs such as Wilden Renate,Golden Gate,Mensch Meier,Polygon to running his very own Festival Somewhere in the Distance with Neil Flynn.