Equilibrisme Night

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Equilibrisme Night
Freitag | 12. Oktober 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

Equilibrisme: a balancing act. A harmony of multiple different elements, tuned to each other seamlessly.
A new concept of parties with a soon-to-launch record label and podcast series.
The Equilibrisme music project launches Friday 12th of October with a debut party at Loophole, Berlin.
The project was founded by a dedicated trio of Berlin-based DJs and producers, Man-L, Nat and Sybaritedj. United by their tastes in music and their shared enthusiasm for sound exploration, the trio seek to bring together great minds thinking alike in musical terms. All three founders have broad musical roots and have honed the core Equilibrisme sound, moving through the minimal, deep techno and dub techno families to settle upon a distinctive style that draws the contributing artists together. It’s all about the balance.

The launch party at one of Neukölln’s underground venues is the first in a running series and invites a very special guest from Denmark, Petter S, who will play a live dub techno set for your listening pleasure.

Line up:

Man-L (Equilibrisme, Obsolete Components, Cervidae)


Sybaritedj (Equilibrisme, Spades)


Nat (Equilibrisme)


Petter S -LIVE (Ekko Ekko Audio , DK)