Voin @Lakehouse Finest

Voin @Lakehouse Finest
Mittwoch | 28. März 2018 | 22:00 Uhr

Originally from Melbourne, Australia Voin is a musician, DJ & co-creator of the infamous ‘Blitz Club’ (2010 – 2013), Berlin’s first and only New Romantic inspired escapade into androgyny, synthesized music and clubbing spectacle. Voin has played Berlin venues such as Berghain, Horst Kreuzberg, Cosmonaut, About Blank, Bi Nuu, Cookies, K17 with additional shows around Europe for Laroboterie Italy, Spellbound & Dark Allies Amsterdam, Kaiku in Helsinki and is currently the resident DJ at Rotterdam’s Gender Bending party at Worm nightclub plus Leipzig’s Lumiere Bleue parties at I.F.Z. Voin’s DJ sets cover the more darker and lighter dreamlike dance orientated side of Synth. Prepare to be transported..emotionally.


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