André D’Aguzan @Lakehouse Moonlightbreakfast

André D’Aguzan @Lakehouse Moonlightbreakfast
Sonntag | 6. Mai 2018 | 2:00 Uhr

Into the music all of his life, like a professional drummer with several works, André D’Aguzan is a Chilean Dj well known for his music style, focused in House music, always innovating with different sounds and samples to create new atmospheres and experiences. Playing in several important gigs and now living in Berlin, André D’Aguzan is now starting to work in different music projects.

Dj sets:

Places that I’ve played:

– Hotel Ritz Carlton (Santiago de Chile)
– Hotel Marriott
– Hotel Hyatt (Santiago de Chile, Mexico D.F.)
– Hotel W (Santiago de Chile)
– Enoteca, Vista Santiago Wineyard (Santiago de Chile)
– San Alfonso del Mar (Valparaiso Chile)
– Hotel Sheraton (Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso)
– Others: Centro Parque, Centro Cultural Amanda, Candelaria Bar, Mosai, etc.

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