Background. Codes #000000 w/ Escape To Mars

Background. Codes #000000 w/ Escape To Mars
Donnerstag | 15. März 2018 | 23:59 Uhr

Escape To Mars [vault series / dynamic reflections / modul]
ADM [pure conscience]
Karschau [background. codes / colours]
Nostitz [background. codes]

After a year of silence we’re finally back with a bimonthly thursday night at Griessmuehle.

For the first night we’ve invited Escape To Mars. He already left his mark with releases on labels like Vault Series, Dynamic Reflections, as well as on his own label Modul Recordings. Next up we’re having upcoming artist ADM on closing duty. He just released his massive debut EP on Pure Conscience and we can’t wait to see, where this is going. Last but not least our residents Karschau and Nostitz will start off the night for you with a b2b session.