Splendid Isolation: Hong Kong Cinema 1949–1997

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Splendid Isolation: Hong Kong Cinema 1949–1997
Sonntag | 18. März 2018 | 19:00 Uhr

An exceptional cinematic movement of unrivaled creative force and imagination developed in post-war Hong Kong, which at the time was still a Crown colony. “Splendid Isolation” traces a line from the little-known early era of Hong Kong cinema, via the popular genre films and auteur works of the 1970s and ’80s, to the offshoots of the 1990s, which became part of Chinese film production in general after the colony’s handover in 1997. This program gives a unique insight into Hong Kong’s multi-faceted cinema, presenting the films in their original 35-mm format.

The program will be accompanied by introductions. We are particularly pleased to welcome the Hong Kong star director Ann Hui on March 24.


March 1, 8pm, Introduction: The Canine Condition & March 6, 9pm
LIANG SHAN BO YU ZHU YING TAI The Love Eterne Li Han Hsiang Hong Kong 1963 OV/EnglS 122’

March 2, 7pm & March 12, 9.15pm
DA ZUI XIA Come Drink With Me King Hu Hong Kong 1966 OV/EnglS 91’

March 2, 9pm & March 13, 9pm
JIN YAN ZI Golden Swallow Chang Cheh Hong Kong 1968 OV/EnglS 104‘

March 3, 7pm, Introduction: Fabian Tietke
TIN JOEK JAU CHING A Moment of Romance Benny Chan Hong Kong 1990 OV/EnglS 88‘

March 3, 9pm & March 17, 7pm
XIA DAO GAO FEI Full Contact Ringo Lam Hong Kong 1992 OV/EnglS 104‘

March 4, 7pm & March 23, 9pm
DO MA DAAN Peking Opera Blues Tsui Hark Hong Kong 1986 OV/GerS 104’

March 4, 9pm & March 23, 7pm
SIEN NUI YAU WAN A Chinese Ghost Story Ching Siu Tung Hong Kong 1983 OV/EnglS 98‘

March 5, 7.30pm
YONG ZHE WU JU Dreadnaught Yuen Woo Ping Hong Kong 1981 OV/EnglS 90‘

March 5, 9.15pm & March 10, 9.15pm
BAI GA JAI The Prodigal Son Sammo Hung Hong Kong 1981 OV/EnglS 100’

March 6, 7pm & March 19, 9pm
XUE ER Cherie Patrick Tam Hong Kong 1984 OV/EnglS 92‘

March 7, 7pm
BAI SHE ZHUAN Madam White Snake Griffin Yueh Hong Kong 1962 OV/EnglS 95‘

March 7, 9pm
LONG YA JIAN The Deaf and Mute Heroine Wu Ma Hong Kong 1971 English Version 84’

March 8, 7pm, Introduction: Lukas Foerster & March 15, 7pm
BAN JIN BA LIANG The Private Eyes Michael Hui Hong Kong 1976 OV/EnglS 94‘

March 8, 9.15pm & March 26, 8pm
SIK SAN The God of Cookery Stephen Chow Hong Kong 1996 OV/EnglS 92‘

March 9, 7pm & March 16, 7pm
DONG FU REN The Arch Tang Shu Shuen Hong Kong 1970 OV/EnglS 94‘

March 9, 9pm
BOON BIN YEN Ah Ying Allen Fong Hong Kong 1983 OV/EnglS 110‘

March 10, 7pm, Introduction: Nikolaus Perneczky
LAN TOU HE Dirty Ho Lau Kar Leung Hong Kong 1979 OV/EnglS 97‘

March 11, 7pm & March 14, 9pm
JIANG SHAN MEI REN The Kingdom and the Beauty Li Han Hsiang Hong Kong 1959 OV/EnglS 100‘

March 11, 9pm
BU LIAO QING Love Without End Doe Ching Hong Kong 1961 OV/EnglS 117‘

March 12, 7.30pm & March 19, 7pm
SAANG GONG KEI BING Long Arm of the Law Johnny Mak Hong Kong 1984 English Version 100’

March 13, 7pm & March 28, 8pm
BA LIANG JIN Eight Taels of Gold Mabel Cheung Hong Kong 1989 OV/EnglS 100‘

March 14, 7pm, Introduction: Cecilia Valenti & March 22, 8pm
AI NU Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan Chor Yuen, Hong Kong 1972 OV/EnglS 90‘

March 15, 9pm
DOU SAN God of Gamblers Wong Jing Hong Kong 1989 OV/EnglS 126‘

March 16, 9pm
JI DONG QI XIA The Iceman Cometh Clarence Fok Hong Kong 1989 OV/EnglS 114‘

March 17, 9pm, Introduction: Lorenzo Berardelli & March 25, 8pm
DAO The Blade Tsui Hark Hong Kong 1995 OV/EnglS 88‘

March 18, 7pm
MO The Boxer’s Omen Kuei Chih Hung Hong Kong 1983 OV/EnglS 105‘

March 18, 9pm
DI SHI PAN GUAN Taxi Hunter Herman Yau Hong Kong 1993 OV/EnglS 89‘

March 24, 7.30pm, With Guest: Ann Hui
SHU JIA EN CHOU LU The Romance of Sword and Book Ann Hui Hong Kong/China 1987 OV/GerS 180‘

The Canine Condition (Lukas Foerster, Nikolaus Perneczky, Fabian Tietke, Cecilia Valenti) curated the program in cooperation with Lorenzo Berardelli. In cooperation with the Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen. Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund and the Honk Kong Economic and Trade Office in Berlin.

For further information: http://www.arsenal-berlin.de/en/arsenal-cinema/current-program/single/article/7098/3006.html