Penelope Isles + Highest Sea at Monarch Berlin

Penelope Isles + Highest Sea at Monarch Berlin
Donnerstag | 5. April 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

Späti Palace presents:
Penelope Isles + Highest Sea

Hailing from the Isle of Man, Penelope Isles is the sounds of Jack and Lily Wolter, with the help of friends Becky Redford and Jack Sowton. Currently based between Brighton and Cornwall, the band perform melodic fuzz pop with dynamics that will transfix and satisfy. Hypnotic, chiming bedroom pop music. For the lovers of Radiohead, The Magic Numbers and Deerhunter.
„Their set is the wide-eyed optimism of youth with a knack for great pop hooks which they smear with psych fuzz, similar to the likes of Cheatahs, or Moon King. Their tracks are like your favourite sweets with shards of broken glass embedded in them, the potential of which is just screaming out for attention.“ – Line Of Best Fit

It’s clear within moments of the first chord being struck that Highest Sea is taking us on a journey through uncharted territory. Leila Zanzibar’s unique brand of dreamy indie-rock ensnares us in an intricate web. Her off-key melodies and poetic control of language, delivered with a French accent reveals a heavy heart who has moved from southern France via Paris to Berlin and thereby swapped sunny beaches for grey streets.
„Haunted Hearts“ reveals that Zanzibar is the ultimate changeling with soaring vocal sweeps and raw emotional energy, power-pop melodies, minor chords and heavy air. Zanzibar alternates between raw, animal power, indie-pop coyness and aching vulnerability in turns. Everything is uncertain but we needn’t worry: before the night is over, Zanzibar is ready to apply some balm with an upbeat tempo, a loosely strummed guitar and a face-mask that says ‚for now we are fine‘.