Adam Wendler / Dorothy Bird / Charlie Grant + Ivo

Adam Wendler / Dorothy Bird / Charlie Grant + Ivo
Dienstag | 24. April 2018 | 20:00 Uhr

One night- three acts!
Einlass: 19:30
Anfang: 20:00

About Adam Wendler:
Canadian singer-songwriter Adam Wendler released his most recent solo album, ‚Never Go Unknown‘, in July of 2017. The album is packed with catchy melodies, soul felt lyrics and soaring vocal harmonies and showcases Adam’s unique guitar playing style that is reminiscent of the 1960’s, yet has a distinctive modern feel.

In 2017 Adam toured ‘Never Go Unknown’ extensively throughout Germany and Canada, playing at a variety of venues ranging from intimate private concerts to festivals including ‘Open Flair’. He was also announced the winner of various contests, including radioeins’ ‘The Next Big Thing’, the Neukölln ‘Songslam’ and
Something for the People’s ‘Shure Newcomer Contest’. His extensive travels and experiences provide inspiration for his music compilations.

On ‚Never Go Unknown‘ Adam has improved by leaps and bounds, showcasing his ability to write great songs. The album is packed with virtuoso acoustic picking and strumming and a line of sway-along balladry and upbeat foot-tapping that inspires not
just murmurs of appreciation but full-blooded response. Adam’s dedication is second to none and he is currently working on new releases for 2018 as well as gearing up for a Germany tour in April and a Canadian tour in May.

About Dorothy Bird:
(Indietronica/ Art Pop). Dorothy Bird’s music creates spaces in which her voice can shine a light out of the dark. Using a mix of analogue synths, electronic rhythms, guitar, occasionally strings and skillful arrangement, Dorothy treads a bold path between the intimate and the epic, the ethereal and the concrete, from deep sub bass movement to glistening vocals and delays and often in combination with live visuals, she guides her audiences through an all encompassing and emotional experience.

Julia Fiebelkorn aka Dorothy Bird – singer/ composer/synths
Stephen Mooney – visuals/guitar/rhythm
Youtube: //

About Charlie Grant:
Charlie Grant lives in Berlin, is half American and half Scottish, and grew up mostly in the South West of England. He got first break in music as a songwriter for hire in London after being offered a publishing deal with EMI and got busy writing songs for lots of up and coming talents as well as a few household names in both Germany and the UK. However, the “Big Dream” of writing and releasing music as an artist in his own right refused to stay quiet and kept pestering him from the back of his mind…So, pulling in favors, and forming a new currency based on pints of beer owed to various musician friends and studio owners, Charlie got used to recording in the dead of night and set to work on a set of songs that hopes to put storytelling, musicianship, and a love for good old fashioned song craft front and centre. His songs are inspired by the push and pull, the light and dark in all our relationships and draw influence from the likes of The Beatles, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Elliott Smith and Beck. So far he has self released two EP’s, “Turn into Ghosts” and “Chemistry” available to download via all major digital platforms.

Charlie will be performing with Ivo for the show. More info coming soon.